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Central Park Tower, New York, NY USA

Monday, Mar 6, 2023

“The tallest apartment building in the Western Hemisphere.”

“Floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a breathtaking panorama of Central Park, and vistas that stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains.”

Photos show GBL’s “Top of House” Work Access equipment 1,550 feet above the streets of Manhattan.

  • Dual monorail Work Access system
    • Curtainwall panels handled on the inboard monorail.
    • 2-tier work platforms suspended from the outboard monorail.
    • Davits clamped to screen wall girts support the monorails at the east face.
    • Outriggers clamped to a catwalk support the monorails at the north and south faces.

Additional photos show some of the work below, where a variety of monorails, long-reach outriggers, suspended scaffolds, and miscellaneous modular and custom equipment designs were utilized to provide full Work Access to this 137 floor supertall.