A.J. Celebrezze Federal Building, Cleveland, OH, USA

GBL provided a powerful Work Access system with state of the art electronic controls to safely execute the selective demolition and structural upgrade portions of this large overcladding project. High capacity 4 foot wide by 37 foot long Work Platforms were mechanically secured to the building’s window washing roof tracks for stabilization during demolition work, while an electronically controlled rack and pinion system powered the platform away from and towards the façade as needed. Platform features included full containment enclosures, building side debris catches, overhead protection, and extensive electrical sources to accommodate tools and lighting for working at night. Rooftrack-riding Super T-Booms rotated to reach the building corners from a 12 foot long platform, itself fitted with similar features. Dual 4,800 pound capacity, rooftrack-riding material hoists with 12 feet of reach likewise utilized rack and pinion technology for coordinated powered movement away from and towards the façade. These were operated by a central control panel with both direct and radio frequency controls, designed to be located on the roof carriages. Rooftop equipment was designed to be delivered and removed utilizing a stick built pivoting-boom gantry.

GBL’s integrated equipment designs allowed for safe and productive work methods to be used. Demolition work involved breaking existing curtainwall glass, storing the shards in bins on the platforms, and removing the rolling bins at grade after lowering the platforms’ built-in end ramps. Structural upgrade installation work involved the synchronized lifting of concrete-filled steel tubes weighing up to 8,000 pounds, along a prescribed path that guaranteed worker safety and productivity, even during attachment of the massive tubes to their previously installed support haunches.