The patented ADT aluminum extrusion provides the smartest available basis for creating strong and lightweight Work Access equipment. ADT Work Access systems are thoroughly engineered to provide the safest possible environment for workers to comfortably handle heavy materials in even the most challenging situations.


The unique profile of the ADT extrusion makes a broad range of custom equipment configurations possible. Like an Erector Set or Meccano set, ADT products allow for nearly infinite adaptability in conforming to complex site conditions and project requirements. They can even be easily modified on site, using commonly available tools. A variety of engineered accessories round out the designs of GBL's robust Work Access products and systems.


The bottom line dictates that each ADT product is only as valuable as the productivity it creates. Even GBL’s simplest hoisting machines are nearly always a superior choice, due to their modular and adaptable nature. Custom large scale Work Access systems create an environment of high level performance unparalleled in the construction industry.