GBL offers cutting edge design and innovation with the products it has developed over the past decade. In collaboration with the German multinational electronics conglomerate Siemens AG, GBL recently developed a thirty-axis computer control system utilizing variable frequency drives and software. This computer control system fully synchronized the movement of ten traction hoists along with twenty wire rope winder motors. Precise control of the servo motors using high level Programmable Logic Controls and Motion Control Computers allowed for infinite speed range of the equipment while also managing acceleration and deceleration of the load to improve safety and productivity.  User friendly touch screen controls provided direct feedback and diagnostics to the operator.  Integrated digital radio controls provided reliable long distance control for the user. This type of controls technology exists nowhere else in the global suspended access or hoisting industries.  Developments such as these continue to revolutionize Work Access, as GBL constantly advances its technological resources from project to project.