United Nations Secretariat Building, New York, NY USA 

GBL provided nineteen 4-tier Work Platforms with containment enclosure and overhead protection, aligned continuously to form what became two 6-foot wide, 280-foot long, 56-foot high Super Platforms – one for each glass face of this prominent and historic highrise. GBL’s sophisticated custom electronic controls allowed each 28-foot long platform to be operated either individually or connected together in groups of up to five platforms. The first of its kind, the GBL control computer utilized variable frequency drives to provide precise, fully synchronized movement of the platforms.  Tier-to-tier heights exactly matched the building’s floor-to-floor heights, making the two Super Platforms serve as nearly seamless extensions of the building’s floor slabs, and providing demolition workers with unencumbered access to the exterior face of the original façade. Custom rooftop structural support frames reached above the 25-foot high screen walls, providing access to the entire 500-foot height of each long face of the tower. Continuous 280-foot monorails were added to the structural frames mid-project, substantially increasing the safety and efficiency of the panel installation work at the screen walls.