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633 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA USA

Monday, Nov 2, 2020


For this 12-story recladding project, FRP sunshades (“hoods”) are post-installed over new curtainwall with the help of state-of-the-art ADT Work Access equipment designed and manufactured by GBL.

  • A spacious 2-tier suspended Work Platform provides a complete base of operations for hood installation work. Up to four 300-lb, 15-ft tall hoods at a time are stored on the platform, to be delivered to and installed at their final locations on the building’s façade. Various sliding and pivoting decks allow workers extended reach on demand.
  • The Work Platform is suspended from a rolling cathead atop a Support Carriage at the building’s roof. As the cathead and platform are powered away from or back towards the building face, synchronized controls instruct the counterweight stack to move in an opposite direction along the carriage’s tail, neutralizing the loads imposed onto the roof.
  • The Support Carriage power traverses along full perimeter GBL-supplied rooftracks, which protect the lightweight roof deck by transferring loads directly to key components of the roof framing.
  • The rooftracks utilize innovative powered Turntables, which rotate the Support Carriage 90 degrees, allowing the suspended Work Platform to clear the building corners as it is relocated to the adjacent façade. Taking no more than 15 minutes to complete this maneuver, hood installation work is able to progress essentially uninterrupted.


(77 seconds) Drone footage of system in operation, including 90-degree rotation of corner Turntable.