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425 Park Avenue, New York, NY USA

Monday, Sep 26, 2022

"Pritzker Prize winner Lord Norman Foster of Foster+Partners was commissioned to design the first full-block office building on Park Avenue in over 50 years."

GBL provided a variety of Work Access Systems to create a safe and efficient work environment for curtainwall panel installation. A few notable systems:

  • Monorail Grids provide full 3D access for men and materials above sloped panels at triple-height diagrid floors.
    • Under-soffit monorail grids attach directly to the building’s soffits.
    • Cantilevered monorail grids are supported by long-reach outriggers braced to the building structure.
  • Fin Base & Shear Wall Equipment include a 114-ft long Dual Truss Monorail with unsupported spans greater than 30 feet.
  • A 16-ft x 20-ft Truss Frame Landing Platform creates a cantilevered area for staging materials and equipment outside the perimeter of the building.
  • Post-construction under-soffit material hoisting utilizes connection to window washer tracks between soffit panels.