A Workstation (“landing platform” or “dance floor”) is to a Work Platform as a horizontal plane is to a line. Whether of ADT or modular Truss Frame construction, the broad deck of a Workstation serves to put an expanse of solid ground beneath workers’ boots, even at heights of hundreds of feet in the air. Workstations are widely used to add precious square footage to crowded construction projects, to land and stage material packages delivered by material hoists or tower cranes, and to access the entire underside of bridge decks or glass roofs. Workstations may be fixed or powered for movement in multiple directions, and can largely function as their own self-contained construction sites.

Staging Canopies

A Staging Canopy is a ground-supported or cantilevered hoisting system, from which materials are lifted, transported, organized, and suspended from the underside of the structural canopy. Catwalks for workers may be included below the canopy itself, providing access at key work points.