GBL monorail systems are utilized to provide lateral mobility for suspended Work Platforms and material hoists, especially for work on highrise façades. Suspended from structural support frames or clamping brackets, ADT monorail systems provide continuous coverage along important Work Access routes – for instance around the entire perimeter of a new or existing building, or along the underside of a long span bridge’s deck. Monorails are ideally suited to provide access to shear wall areas of elevated structures. As with rooftracks, monorails may consist of single layer ADT, or to accommodate heavier loads and longer spans, of ADT truss assemblies.

Self-Climbing Monorail Systems

GBL has produced and established an important advance in monorail system productivity, using electronically synchronized hoisting to periodically relocate an entire monorail system as work progresses. This significant development allows Work Access equipment to maintain comfortable and natural relationships to their monorail support above, reducing the weight of the suspended equipment and therefore increasing design options while maintaining ease of use. The introduction of these dynamic Self-Climbing systems marks a proven breakthrough in Work Access technology.