One Bryant Park, New York, NY USA

The new 945 foot tall Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park is highly regarded for its spiraling, crystalline form. Set amidst the dense fabric of midtown Manhattan, the sculptural facets of this skyscraper allow its occupants to enjoy varied views around the neighboring towers.

GBL provided custom equipment for all phases of this 714,000 square foot curtainwall installation project, and engineered innovative solutions to the logistical challenges created by this tower’s unique shape and massive size. Most prominently, installing curtainwall from the steeply angled tops of the unusually tall parapet screen walls above the roof was made possible by the use of davit-supported runs of sloping track, braced against the structural steel framing of the screen walls. Installation rigs integrating both the worker access and material handling aspects of the installation traveled up and down the tracks to relocate men and materials as work progressed. This compact, comprehensive design provided a secure and dependable base from which otherwise precarious work maneuvers could be performed in a safe, controlled manner.