GBL provides standard and custom powered ADT hoists to satisfy nearly all material lifting and handling requirements. To date, GBL has provided ADT hoists with single-hook lifting capacities of up to 7,200 pounds, as well as dual straight boom material handling gantries which extend up to 30 feet to reach beyond the sidewalk pedestrian protection in order to lift loads directly from their truck beds. High capacity pivoting boom gantries are extensively used to hoist heavy works of art and oversized permanent window washing equipment components to their final destinations.

Beeche Mobile Boom Hoist

The freely traversing, fully slewing material handling capabilities of the Beeche Mobile Boom Hoist makes it a perfect companion to GBL's ADT-based equipment. The adaptable nature of the Boom Hoist design, combined with its rapid deployment capabilities, allows GBL to provide a variety of different types to suit each project’s specific needs. While simple in its design, the Boom Hoist is sophisticated in its state-of-the-art engineering and method of operating control. The Boom Hoist may be used on existing roof tracks or GBL-engineered tracks, as well as on concrete floors, roofs, or other surfaces. Shipped substantially assembled, the Boom Hoist is easily taken apart for construction hoist transport and reassembled at its final work destination.