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50 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY USA

Thursday, Oct 16, 2014


At the mechanical bulkhead crown of this new residential tower near the United Nations complex, GBL provided a continuous dual monorail system, supported from the building’s framework of narrow, concrete ring beams. Curved monorail corners cantilevered beyond the bulkhead’s chamfered corner faces, allowing each Work Platform to simply traverse around any corner and set down on the main roof at the end of each work day. Additionally, the precise geometry of GBL’s equipment at the bulkhead corners naturally aligned each work platform with any of the building’s chamfered corner faces, the platform at that condition being suspended from each perpendicular run of the continuous platform monorail (see the final black and white photo in the set).

Extensive wire rope and power cable management was designed into one of the platforms, in order to allow for post-installation work operations. Making room for two powered hoists, two secondary brakes, four powered wire rope winders, power cord containment, and sophisticated electronic controls – all on a single 12 foot long Work Platform – guaranteed that the installed curtainwall would be protected from potential damage for the duration of this work.